Birthdates are required on Age Based Lists

Birthdate is required when you have Age Based lists.  If we do not have an age, we would not know which list to put that person on.

If the parents have a due date, put that as the birthdate.  You can update it when the child is born.  

If they do not yet have a due date, you can check the “Trying” checkbox.  This will put them on the youngest list on your account.  If you do not have a Trying checkbox, go to Settings > Site Settings > Site Details and check the “Show Trying Checkbox” setting.

On the list, these children will have a birthdate of “Expecting”.  You’ll also notice they have a red exclamation mark next to their name indicating they are too young for the list.  This icon will also appear if a child’s due date in is the future, or your lists start at a later age then the child is.

Setting up Lists

One of the most important parts of setup is creating your list(s). You have to decide how many lists you need, what type of lists they are, and how they should be sorted. In this article we’ll help you get them setup.

Manage Lists Page

Go to Settings > Manage Lists or click on the Manage Lists button on the home page. Once on the Manage Lists page, click on Edit Lists to make changes. Depending on the options you chose in the setup wizard and any further changes, you’ll see something like this:

List Settings


Used to identify the list. It must be unique.

List Sorting

  • Date Added – The order of your list will be based solely on the Added Date of your customer. The people at the top of the list will have been on the list the longest, and the people at the bottom have been on the shortest.
  • Manual – You control the order of the list by dragging a person on the list to the position you want them. When a new customer is added to a list, they default to the very bottom.

List Placement

  • Age – If your business is a childcare or similar business where you group your children by age, choose this option.
    • When creating a new customer, they will automatically be placed on the correct list based on their age.
    • As they get older, they will automatically be moved to the correct group.
    • Once they are too old for any of the lists, they will be removed from your list.
  • Birthdate – If you run a school where classes are set by birthdate, this would be the option you want to choose.
    • When creating a new customer, they will automatically be placed on the correct list based on their birthdate.
  • Manual – As the name suggests, when adding someone to this list you will need to manually select which list they go on.

Note: You cannot mix Age and Birthdate options. When you do this, there could be overlap and we could not automatically assign the person to a single list. You can mix Manual lists with Age or Birthdate lists. See this article for more information.


If you have chose Age or Birthdate as your list placement type, you will need to specify a start and end to the range for this list.

How to Contact Support

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The best way to reach us is via email. Email is just a better way to support software. We can provide step by step instructions, screen shots, and even links to detailed articles here on our help site. Our support email is [email protected]. If you send it during our normal business hours, we usually reply within a few hours.


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Cancel your Trial or Subscription

Cancel a Trial

When your time runs out your trial will cancel automatically.  There is nothing you need to do.  

Cancel a Subscription

If you have paid for a subscription already and you want to cancel, you can go to Settings > Site Settings > Subscription and click on Cancel Subscription.  Your access will expire when your paid period ends.

Charging a Fee During Signup

WaitlistPlus does not have the functionality to directly charge a fee to your customers when they sign up on your waitlist. This is a fairly common need though and some customers have came up with solutions that allow them to accomplish this with help from WaitlistPlus

Track payment status with a custom field

You can use the custom form fields within WaitlistPlus to keep track of who’s paid the fee.  This field could hold a transaction/confirmation number that you could look up to verify, or just a flag that only you can view and set.

You can use the Special Instructions in your Customer Signup Form that instruct your customers to submit payment via Paypal/Venmo/etc, and then put the payment confirmation number in the customer form field you created. 

Will this feature ever be added to WaitlistPlus?

Maybe… dealing with money is complicated. Payments, refunds, chargebacks, fraud, fees. We keep our subscription fees low by keeping our software simple. Feel free to send us your feedback on this feature, we often add features when many customers request them.