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Charging a Fee During Signup

WaitlistPlus does not have the functionality to directly charge a fee to your customers when they sign up on your waitlist. This is a fairly common need though and some customers have came up with solutions that allow them to accomplish this with help from WaitlistPlus

Track payment status with a custom field

You can use the custom form fields within WaitlistPlus to keep track of who’s paid the fee. ¬†This field could hold a transaction/confirmation number that you could look up to verify, or just a flag that only you can view and set.

You can use the Special Instructions in your Customer Signup Form that instruct your customers to submit payment via Paypal/Venmo/etc, and then put the payment confirmation number in the customer form field you created. 

Will this feature ever be added to WaitlistPlus?

Maybe… dealing with money is complicated. Payments, refunds, chargebacks, fraud, fees. We keep our subscription fees low by keeping our software simple. Feel free to send us your feedback on this feature, we often add features when many customers request them.

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