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Supporting Multiple Locations

Many customers have multiple locations, and would like to setup WaitlistPlus to manage their lists at each location. There are...

Cancel your Trial or Subscription

Cancel a Trial When your time runs out your trial will cancel automatically.  There is nothing you need to do....

Security and Privacy

We take all the necessary precautions to secure your customer’s data. For more information, please review our policies: https://www.waitlistplus.com/Security

HIPAA Compliance

We follow all HIPAA guidelines, and will sign a BAA if needed. Please contact support if you would like to...

Change your Subscription

A feature breakdown between Basic and Premium plans can be found here: Plan and Pricing info Changing your Plan Go...

Subscription Pricing

Levels We offer two subscription levels, a Basic and Premium level. For the feature breakdown of these levels, review our...

Updating Payment Information

To change your payment information follow the steps below. Go to: Settings > Site Settings Select Subscription from the left...

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