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Add a Person to Multiple Lists

There may be situations when you want a person to appear on multiple lists. For example, at a medical office, your patients may be interested in seeing multiple doctors and you want individual lists for each doctor. You can enable multiple lists on your account which will allow a person to be added to 1+ lists.


A person cannot be added to more than one Age-based list. These lists do not overlap, and since it’s based on age, it’s not possible to appear in more than one list.


  1. Go to Settings > Site Settings > Site Details
  2. Check the Allow Multiple Lists checkbox
  3. Save your changes

When checked, the user will see an Additional List button near the bottom of the form. When clicked, an additional waitlist form will appear. Depending on what fields you have visible this may include the List Name, Date Added, and Requested Start Date.


If you want to group people in some way but would prefer to keep them on a single list, you could use a custom field. People will select the value(s) that pertain to them, and then you can filter your list based on their selection. This is covered in detail for a scenario with Multiple Locations, but you can apply the principal to other situations as well.

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