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Customer Removals and Confirmations

You can give your customers access to remove themselves from your list, or confirm their interest in it.

How to Access

There are two different ways a customer can get to this confirmation page. They can click on a confirm link you have added to one of your emails, or they can visit the page from their unique customer portal Url.

In your email content, you can add a link or button that will take them directly to the confirmation page. Adding this to your email reminder content is a great way to keep your lists updated.

Customer Portal

If you have your Customer Portal turned on and have sent customers their unique URL, they can visit that portal at any time and click on the “Remove From List” link which will take them to the confirmation page.

Confirmation Checkmark

When someone confirms their interest in the list, we record the date they did so. On your list their name will have a green checkmark icon next to it. If you hover over it, you will see the last date that they confirmed their interest.


If your customer chooses to remove themselves from the list. They will automatically be taken off the list. Their information will still be available in the system, and you can search for them by name if needed. They will also appear on your home page in the Recently Removed widget.

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